From the 2nd to the 5th of March, the Grand Hotel in Rimini and CRN shipyard in Ancona welcomed 150 captains from all over the world who took part in classroom sessions, visits to shipyards, sea trials and team-building activities.

Opening the event, first held in 2004, were Salvatore Basile and Lamberto Tacoli, Ferretti Group CEO and Vice President of Sales & Marketing, respectively. As in previous years, Convergence liaised with Sales Management, After Sales, Communications and AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), one of the most advanced yacht research and design centres in the world, as well as the Ferretti Group’s Style Centre.

After a speech by Rimini Harbour Master Aniello Raiola, expert on the pleasure boating code, and a presentation by RINA (the Italian naval registry organisation), the course continued with technical seminars held by speakers from the Group’s most important technological partners, such as MAN, MTU, ZF, Catef, Rolla, Idromar, NAVIOP and Besenzoni. These companies have always liaised with AYT, constantly working to develop the innovations which characterise Ferretti Group yachts. Moreover, during these meetings, technicians and engineers both from the Group and its technological partners delved further into the main topics pertaining to the daily management of motor yachts. A round table was held on Friday, 5th March, to study the technical problems which emerged during the lessons, as well as the most recent solutions and innovations in terms of interior design.

Special areas were also set up each day, arousing great interest in both participants and partners. Individual meetings were organised in these areas with technicians from the Group's top technological partners (MAN, MTU, ZF) and the After Sales Managers of each brand.

One significant and eagerly awaited day was Wednesday 3rd March, during which the 150 Captains visited the Ferretti Group brand CRN shipyard in Ancona. CRN is one of the top producers in the world of completely customised, displacement pleasure yachts measuring 46 to 85 metres in both steel and aluminium. The shipyard also produces 2 lines in composite materials with planing hulls (CRN128’) and displacement hulls (CRN43) measuring 40 and 43 metres. The Captains had the opportunity to visit some of the pleasure yachts currently being built, including the 72-metre model and the 80-metre megayacht which is one of the largest ever to be built in Italy.

Moreover, CRN megayachts, “Clarena 2” 72m, “Romance” 57m, and two Navette 43s measuring 43 metres were moored at the large CRN wharf for the occasion, flanking 5 other Ferretti Group brand yachts (Ferretti 560, Ferretti 631, Mochi Craft Long Range 23, Custom Line Navetta 33, Pershing 80), chosen especially to reinforce what the captains had learnt during the classroom sessions with technical demonstrations and the practical sessions at sea. The simulations of systems and equipment on dry land were also a huge success.

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