The idea of bringing together two of the most important groups in the boating world – yacht builders and Captains – and providing them with an opportunity to talk freely has proven to be a huge success, year after year.

Convergence was first organised in 2004 as a course for Captains of all Ferretti Group yachts measuring over 60 feet.
"Convergence Days" is a refresher course providing updates, knowledge and comparisons between the different aspects of the complex daily management of luxury motor yachts, covering both technical and managerial spheres.
Initially organised as two separate events, "Convergence" and "Convergence Navi" were devoted to Captains of yachts measuring a maximum of 24 metres, and those measuring over 24 metres, respectively.
Since 2008, the two have been brought together in a single event, whilst still maintaining two distinct, separate training paths, in order to underscore the close bond between the Group and Captains of its yachts, and increase opportunities for mutual comparison and dialogue.

Ferretti Group has always believed it is essential to offer customers high-quality services, and so invests every year to improve the value of those it offers to owners of its yachts.



Ljubljana (Slovenia), March 2017 - March 14th to 17th are the dates set aside for this year’s “Convergence”, the traditional meeting with professional training and refresher courses that Ferretti Group offers captains and chief engineers working on the yachts in its fleet.

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